Menu - Banquet

We believe in the simple pleasure of eating good food. Food that is fresh, tasty, spicy and is a celebration of life in itself. So bring along with your family or friends, and your appetite.

Menu items subject to availability.

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        Indo Chinese

        Chilli Chicken    15.90

        Ginger Chicken    15.90

        Pepper Garlic Chicken    15.90

        Cashew Chicken with Veg    15.90

        Gobi Manchurian    14.90

        Chilli Gobi    14.90

        Fried Rice (Veg or Chicken)    14.90

        Spring Roll (6 pieces)    7.00

      Kadhai (Deep Fry) Entrees

      1.    Bombay Potato Bonda (4):
      Golden battered masala mashed potatoes    7.0
      2.    Onion Bhaji (4):
      Sliced Onion in Crispy Chickpea Batter     7.0
      3.    Mysore Urid Vadai (4):
      Lentil, onions and curry leaves    7.0
      4.    Punjabi Veg. Samosa (3):
      Sliced Onion in Crispy Chickpea Batter     8.0
      5.    Muglai Lamb Samosa (3)
      Golden battered masala mashed potatoes    
      6.    Kastoori Prawn Pakora (4):
      Cooked in fenugreek tempura batter till golden brown     10.0
      7.    Indus Platter for 2 persons (*):
      Punjabi vej. Samosa, onion vaji, Bombay potato bonda and Mysore Urid Vadai    18.0
      (*) – Vegetarian Option

      Tandoori Entrees

      (All tandoori delicacies cooked in a traditional clay oven)
      1.    Kashmiri Seekh Kebab (4):
      Skewed lamb mince with secret aromatics    18.0
      2.    Kesari Chicken Tikka (4):
      Boneless chicken in two cheese saffron cream marinade    18.0
      3.    Amritsar Tandoori Chicken
      Cooked in traditional tandoori marinate    
          Half -------------- 14.50
          Full -------------- 25.00

      Designer Curry

      (Experienced The Award Winning Indus Designer Curry Difference!)
      (Please allow minimum 20 minutes as all dishes are cooked fresh to order)
      Step 1: Select one of the following
      Mixed Veg.----->16.0
      King Prawn----->20.0
      Chick Peas----->16.0
      Chicken ----->18.0
      Step 2: Choose your sauce from any of the following
      1.    Balti:
      Onions, chillies, tomato, capsicum and cumin sauce – Medium Spicy
      2.    Rajasthani Flavoured:
      Indian five spices sauce (pepper flavoured)
      3.    Saagwalla : GLOBAL INDIAN FAVOURITE
      Spinach, tomato, onion, herb sauce
      Spicy coconut tamarind sauce
      5.    Makhni Butter: GLOBAL INDIAN FAVOURITE
      Spicy coconut tamarind sauce
      6.    Nilgiri:
      Coriander, green chillies and mint
      Sweet and mild onion and almond sauce – (Mild)
      8.    Vindaloo: GLOBAL INDIAN FAVOURITE
      Hot with red chillies vinegar, cumin and tomato
      9.    Achaar:
      Pickling spices, tomato, onion sauce
      10.  Rogan Josh: GLOBAL INDIAN FAVOURITE
      Spiced onion, tomato and herb sauce
      11.  Dhansak:
      Lentils and vegetables cooked with fresh herbs, onion, tomato and spices
      12.  Tikaa Masala: GLOBAL INDIAN FAVOURITE
      With onions and capsicum in creamy tomato
      13.  Chettinad:
      Creamy spicy peppercorn trio sauce

      Viva Vegetarian

      1.    Panir Makhni:
      Cottage cheese cubes in a rich tomato, almond creamy ginger sauce    16.0
      2.    Palak Panir:
      Cottage cheese cubes in spinach aromatic spices curry    16.0
      3.    Panir Mutter:
      Cottage cheese cooked with peas in a rich onion and tomato sauce    16.0
      4.    Bombay Aloo:
      otato cubes and peas pan-fried with ginger, garlic and spices with
      tomato onion sauce                                                                      16.0
      5.    Aloo Gobhi :
      Potato and cauliflower florets pan fried with ginger, chillies, fresh
      coriander, spices and tomatoes                                                              16.0
      6.    Aloo Baingan Bagarey:
      A rich and spicy eggplant and potato curry with aromatic spices
      and curry leaves                                                              16.0
      7.    Pumpkin chickpeas and spinach salan:
      Butternut pumpkin cubes tempered with mustard seeds, curry
      leaves and coked with tender chickpeas and spinach                                  16.0
      8.    Subzi malai bahar:
      A medley of vegetables cooked in a rich creamy coconut sauce     16.0
      9.    Tadka Dahl:
      Traditional tempered dahl with garlic, chillies, onions, tomato, curry
      leaves and mustard seeds                                  16.0
      10.    Dahl Makhni:
      Dahl cooked in a rich tomato, almond and creamy ginger sauce     16.0
      11.    Dhal Palak:
      Dhal cooked with spinach and aromatic spices     16.0
      12.    Subzi Dhal:
      Dhal cooked with vegetables and tomato with aromatic spices     16.0
        Hyderabadi Biryani

        Please allow a minimum of 30 minutes from the time of order

        A traditional rice and meat dish, garnished with fried onion and served withraita and papadums

        Lamb ----->22.0
        Chicken ----->23.0
        Prawn ----->25.0

      Naan Breads

      1.    Plain Naan        4.0
      2.    Roti naan (Wholemeal Tandoori Bread        4.5
      3.    Garlic Naan        5.0
      4.    Kheema Naan (Spicy Lamb Mince)        5.0
      5.    Potato Naan        5.0
      6.    Peshwari Naan (Dry Fruits and Nuts)        5.0
      7.    Spinach Naan        5.0
      8.    Tasty Cheese Naan        5.0
      9.    Pumpkin Naan        5.0
      10.  Panir Naan (Cottage Cheese)        5.0
      11.  Punjabi Naan (Spinach and Tasty Cheese)        6.0
      12.  Chicken and Cheese Naan        6.0

        Steamed Jasmine Rice (per person)

        Cucumber and Yoghurt Raita

        Mango Chutney

        Lime Pickle

        Mixed Pickle

        Papadums (4)


        Gulab Jamun (2)

        Milk Dumplings in Sugar Syrup

        Mango Kulfi

        Homemade Mango Ice-cream


        Coke/ Diet Coke/ Coke Zero

        Sprite/ Fanta/ Lemonade

        Orange Juice/ Apple Juice

        Lemon, Lime and Bitters

        Mango Lassi

        Strawberry Lassi

        Cardamom and Rose Lassi

        Chai Tea